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Agreement CHL-Confartigianato

November 19th 2018 | Palazzo Vecchio (FI) – Press conference on covenant

The tradition of Florentine artisan workshops and the new frontiers of electronic commerce are at the center of the agreement between CHL and Confartigianato Imprese Firenze. The agreement, signed in Palazzo Vecchio, aims to open the doors of the web to Florentine artisans. By virtue of the CHL-Confartigianato pact, the artisans will have their virtual showcase in the Marketplace of CHL.
The Florentine company has been one of the pioneers of electronic commerce in Italy and for the Marketplace launched in recent months CHL has chosen to enhance the best of Made in Italy by exploiting the possibilities offered by the web. For the Confartigianato association, the agreement will allow all Florentine artisans to exhibit their products on the first 100% Italian Marketplace.

cybersecurity-cracovia 9e10 ottobre 2017

Cybersec 2017

October 9th and 10th, 2017 – European Forum in Krakow

The fate of global cybersecurity was at the heart of the 3rd Cybersec European forum in Krakow with more than 130 speakers and more than a thousand participants from around the world.
For CHL SpA, the participation in the Forum to Poland was an opportunity to present itself better on the international scene and to propose working in progress projects. CHL has brought its business experience and the historicity of a brand that in the 2000s was pioneer in Italy for the e-commerce market and now looks with great attention at the issues of global computer security.
In Krakow, the focus was also on innovative start-ups, with a view to a benchmark at the highest levels. The foundations have been laid for possible new collaborations in Europe thanks to the hospitality of Cybersec in Krakow.



Presentation on the Industrial Plan 2017-2021

July 15th, 2017 – Palazzo Mezzanotte (Milano)

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