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The Board of Directors plays a fundamental role in the management of the Company, by carrying out strategic and organizational functions.
The Board acts and makes decisions independently and in the interest of the shareholders. Decisions are taken with due regard to the fact that the Issuer performs functions of control, coordination and guidance also in other companies.
All procedures, rights and powers exercised by the Company’s Board of Directors under the corporate governance code are in line with the provisions of Article 18 of the current Articles of Association. The Board of Directors is exclusively responsible for the management of the company and it has the widest powers and capabilities as it is required to perform all ordinary and extraordinary administrative acts that it considers appropriate for the achievement of the corporate goals, with the exception of those which by law or by statute are indisputably reserved to the shareholders’ meeting.
As indicated by the Articles of Association, the company is administered by a Board composed of six or more members, with a maximum of eleven members, who don’t necessarily have to be shareholders. The nomination of the members is assigned to the shareholders’ meeting.
Currently, the Board of Directors consists of 9 members.
Duration of the Board’s term: until the approval of the Annual Accounts as of December 31, 2018.

Investor relator:
Andrea Duranti
055 50517223

Sauro Landi – Presidente ed Amministratore Delegato
Maria Grazia Cerè Consigliere Delegato
Andrea Duranti – Consigliere non indipendente
Mark De Simone – Consigliere non indipendente
Francesco Guzzinati – Consigliere non indipendente
Giovanni Pecorella – Consigliere indipendente
Donata Cappelli – Consigliere indipendente
Irene Sorani – Consigliere indipendente
Roberto Rondoni – Consigliere

Donata Cappelli – Presidente
Irene Sorani
Giovanni Pecorella


Francesco Guzzinati

Franco Pace
Antonio Carella

Franco Pace

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